Since I was very young I’ve been interested in travel and curious about how transit is interwoven into our lives, be it with your own private car, train or by jet plane.   My aim is to raise transit issues that many people would have experienced and to talk about, in a jargon free way, why the problems exist and promote how they can be resolved for the benefit of all.

Despite the global expansion of transport networks and our new focus on environmental issues, transit regularly finds itself at the mercy of politics and other external forces.  I’ll highlight these pressures and challenges and in doing so cover the problems facing individuals and organisations, and finally follow how the solutions are, or can be reached.

I was raised in Bristol in the UK and went on to live in London for many years.  I have travelled extensively around Europe and always found travel to be inspiring and motivational, whatever the circumstances.  I now live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which given its history, politics and landscape is a great place to be for many reasons.

For more info please contact me by sending a message through this blog page, or alternatively;

@: richard.lenthall at

Twitter: rellaineurope

My professional page at: LinkedIn





  1. I look forward to reading about your travel experiences and resulting insights!

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